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Hello reader!

Do you have plans to become a Linux Administrator but you have no idea where to start? Well look no further! This blog is for you.

In this blog I'll collect, list and link to information regarding different servers, CentOS (and indirectly Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)) and Ubuntu will be my primary focus but we'll also take a look at Gentoo, OpenSUSE, Archlinux and other distros that you might stumble upon in your future work as a Linux Admin.

We'll also learn how to secure our servers with IPTables, SELinux and Tripwire being the most important. But we'll also look at Denyhosts, fail2ban and other intrustion prevention systems. Penetration testing is also something that'll be discussed in this blog. Why, you might ask. Simple, if we don't know how the bad guys tries to gain access to our systems then we don't know how to stop them.

Who is this blog for?

The short answer is: Anyone.
Long answer: It doesn't matter if you're a HR trying to find out what qualities your new employee should have or if you're a senior Linux Administrator wanting to know if your knowledge is up to date, or simply a fresh new college student thinking of pursuing a career in Linux Administration!
We'll go through it all, how and where to start learning about linux administration, what the best practices today are for administrating your Linux based system, how to do it and where to find more information.

Who is the person behind the blog?

I am a 20-something freshman in a Scandinavian College who myself wants to become a Linux Administrator. Because of that I started to collect information about how I would be able to become a Linux admin. After I had collected dozen of websites, hundreds of different topics I thought could be relevant if I wanted to pursue this career I thought to myself: "If I want to know how to become a Linux Administrator, surely others want to know it too?". That led me to start this blog where I'll collect websites and other resources for you so that you can easily find the information you need, in one place, for free.

This means that we'll take this journey together and can learn from each other. This is different from other tech blogs because I'll actually be learning the same things that you, the reader, will and that makes sure that the information posted here is up-to-date, works and is easy to understand!

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